Experiencing Burnout

I am about to start the second quarter of my job of being a teacher. How exciting and scary it all is. Exciting because I really enjoy teaching and seeing lightbulbs turn on with each student that I teach. Scary because the second term is short and consists of an exam period that I need to make sure my learners are ready for. No pressure, but to add on, the kids have to write tests in the second week of school! I am feeling all the pressure. I have never set an exam before, let alone a paper 1 and 2!?! Just another learning hump that I need to get over.

The first term really pushed me further than I thought I would ever be able to go. I would be lying if I said it was all sunshine and roses, so let me not lie. There were some dark days, where I questioned and doubted everything, EVERYTHING! I had it all, anxiety, mental/emotional breakdowns, illness, to sum it up, total burnout, especially by the end of the term (sometimes in between as well).


This is very real and very common, not just in teachers, in most professions. I would even go as far as saying especially in professions where you as an individual have to show a great deal of care and heart to others that come to you in a vulnerable state. I think this is a painful experience to go through, because it almost makes you question if you are in fact built for the profession and whether or not you will be able to last? I questioned myself too many times to count. I then also realised that that is completely normal.

Turns out that experiencing the feeling of being burnt out does not equate to falling out of love with your profession. I actually believe that it kind of means that you might love it so much that you are willing to give it your all 100 and 10%, which of course is a beautiful thing to do, because industries are in need of more people who do what they love and love what they do. I guess without passion, purpose and a sprinkle of perserverance, your overall Ikigai, then what would you be doing it for? Unfortunately, nobody can pour out of an empty cup so we need to take care of ourselves in order to continue doing what we love everyday.

My wish and my hope is to get better at doing this and recognising when it is the right time to do this for me. Self care should never have to be an aspiration, it should be a priority every day. There is no brag in working overtime when you are burnt-out – something I read on LinkedIn.

Choose you every day. It is the only way that you will make it through not just surviving but thriving as well. That is my wish to myself for this upcoming term (second half of first semester). And I have a good feeling we will do just alright!

Much love, light and appreciation. Thank you for reading my thoughts. Share yours, I’m here for it!!

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