Thoughts on Being a Teacher Leader

As we know, in most cases, teachers cannot just be the teacher. We are often asked (or made) to take up space in the school in a variety of other capacities. These range from being the Sports/Cultural Administrator of a particular extracurricular activity, or being HOD of a subject or discipline, or Grade Head, even... Continue Reading →

The Parent-Teacher Relationship

It takes a village to raise a child. It starts with the parents and the surrounding community which includes relatives and close family friends in the very early stages, teaching basic manners and basic communication skills and then it includes the school and teachers at that school who equip them with knowledge to conquer their... Continue Reading →

Chronic Teacher Fatigue

"If you aren't exhausted as a teacher at the end of the day , you haven't done your job." Someone I know It is very true that being a tocker can be very mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing. I would be surprised if I met a teacher who said that they never feel tired at... Continue Reading →

Teaching is a Social Justice Act

A teacher's classroom can be and is a vehicle for the change we hope to see in society. The thing is, that vehicle can turn incredibly right for positive change, or it can be the cause of a major N1 accident for negative change. I recently attended Cape Town's Pride Festival - Mardi Gras. The... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Mathematics Language Teacher

I have mad love for Mathematics. Something which was really born in my primary school days, literally from Grade 4 (before that, it is just numeracy, right), but I did not know it then. My earliest memories with my grade 4 teacher was her strictness with the subject and her way of making us be... Continue Reading →

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