The First Rule of Being A Teacher …

This past weekend, I attended a 2-day Novice Teacher Symposium with two colleagues/friends of mine. This event was a first of its kind, hosted by the district. Of course, with any first event, there are bound to be "complications" so two out of the three of us almost did not attend after not knowing whether... Continue Reading →

Thoughts of a Matric Teacher

I was shocked when I was told that I would be teaching Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy in 2022 (aka my first year of teaching). As with most of my challenges and my desire to have a job and my excitement of the nature of my job, I said yes. From my personal experience, I knew... Continue Reading →

End of First Year of Teaching Reflection

What a year! What a journey! What a WOW! I have survived my first year as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). I have celebrated. I have cried. I have been over the moon. And I have been depressed. My first year as a teacher, teaching high school kids and "young adults" (20 to 24 year... Continue Reading →

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