Valentine’s Day over the years


The evolution of Valentine’s Day from my perspective is the definition of “turning tables”. Maybe not as drastic as I just made it sound but V-day really has changed quite a lot for me and grown to take on a whole new meaning for me in the past 10 years or so. Let’s get into it!

I used to love this day so much. Obsessed is perfect for how things started out. The colours Red, White and Pink were just made for me. I felt each and every one of them. In primary school they would allow us to dress in those colours I think on the Friday, if not the day of love. The teachers would plan to sell gifts, chocolates and other stuffies and one of the years we had a photoshoot set up and we could get pictures with “friends” 😉 we were young.


Trust me I fully participated in all such activities. I got so many of these gifts for myself, for others and from others. Sometimes it was not a gift, I just told someone I liked the thing and just got them to get it for me, took a little bit of manipulation, I am not so proud, love of ornaments got the better of me.

I continued into high school, things started to change slightly. You know that annoying thing when people cannot stick to guidelines so the school changes the entire rule but it does not affect the offenders, it affects the next group. Yeah, so dressing up was no longer a thing anymore. it would be wear a red item on your school uniform for R5 or something like that. In my opinion that is worse, because an item of something can be removed when it is time to pay (usually in register period, which is just 15min before the first). Nonetheless, I made things work. My final year of high school, I did not know what I wanted my item to be, but the day before I was helping a teacher with some decorations and stumbled on this red heart and wore it in a non-traditional manner, the point was to stand out.


One thing that never went away was our annual Valentine’s Day Ball. I am embarressed to share my V-ball evolution but here goes nothing (2015 to 2017, left to right – as I scream on the inside). This is so cringy.


I was spending these nights with friends, the special thing was getting dressed together at res, helping one another with make up and hair, maybe even nail polish etc. It was no longer about gifts and chocos and crushes etc. It was more about moments of friendship love that felt much more real. In the last two years the organisers added a “kissing booth” to the ball, but I plead the fifth on that one. Enough said.

As life continued, the love remained but the celebration of love on Feb 14th was not as important anymore. I started to see things as just for corporate and money purposes and the special factor was just removed. Maybe it is because I was and still am single, nobody love me – I say this in a jokingly fashion, my relationship status played no part. I had grown to no longer see the point, I cannot explain that. I might be waiting for my knight in shining armour to come through for me to spark me up again. Until then, I show myself the love and appreciation that I deserve. It is now all about the self.


That’s my evolution. Thank you for reading, have a look at some interesting this about this day that I have learned over the years.

Interesting fables/facts about this day:

  1. In the old society traditions of male and female couples, people used to believe that in a leap year (last year) the female spoils the male on Valentine’s Day. So, men, the ball is back in your court.
  2. The day is named after a priest names St Valentine, who was arrested for performing illegal Christian marriage ceremonies. When he died in prison or executed, but in his final letter to someone (his daughter) he signed ‘Your Valentine’ – Don’t judge me, in grade 8 I wrote my entire english speech about this day, the facts are fuzzy.
  3. In Greek mythology, Cupid is the son of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. What he is not, is a chubby baby with wings shooting arrows at people’s hearts.

Have a beautiful day, filled with love first for yourself and then share from an overflowing cup. Feel free to share some of your own experiences to do with V-day and add in more interesting fables/facts.

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