Intentional Self-care

This has always been an important topic to me, but recently I learnt how valuable and priceless it actually is.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I am living in a world that is constantly busy, feels like it is spinning, forever on the move and I can’t breathe, basically suffocating. All I want is for it to STOP 🔴. Just for a little bit, close my eyes and count: three, two, one … And it all could be better again.

I think without realising it, a lot of the time when we are not right with the world, it is actually a reflection of not being right with our inner-beings. To give and example; times when I feel like I have lost control with all my work feeling like the universe is against me for placing so much on my plate; most times it is actually that I lost control with myself, my feelings and who I am. So then I begin to project it into my work, instead of addressing me first. This is where disaster begins!

The moment we stop prioritizing ourselves, we have already lost. We can now estimate how much of a loser I have been throughout my life, hhmmm 🤔 too many to mention. It really is exhausting, I won’t lie about that, in all senses – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc. Now it is time to stop not prioritizing ourselves! I mean it.

We only have so much to give at a time in a given situations. Think of it as your interpersonal strength bundles, we all have various sized bundles that we need to start taking into consideration how we use them before we ultimately burn out. This is extremely important, because in order to be a fully functioning human being, your emotional health, spiritual health, physical etc. are of serious importance to be able to continue at this life thing, no joke!

I guess the only way to stay on top of your game is to truly get to know yourself. I’ve learned over a few years that getting to know yourself has nothing to do with other people, it is literally all on you, your process, implementation and execution, as well as how satisfied you are with the results. This will of course take some time. It will require some digging into yourself to find understanding. It might even require you to let go of some of the pain that is holding you back. It will all be a tough process but it will be worth it. Taking care of yourself is always worth it! It leads to better productivity, greater work efficiency, happier life, more control and overall flourishing at all that you do.

I think I’ll end off my saying “you need to intentionally choose you!”



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