Thoughts on Being a Teacher Leader

As we know, in most cases, teachers cannot just be the teacher. We are often asked (or made) to take up space in the school in a variety of other capacities. These range from being the Sports/Cultural Administrator of a particular extracurricular activity, or being HOD of a subject or discipline, or Grade Head, even... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Teacher Mentorship

Mentorship is a sacred relationship which takes a lot of effort. Too be honest a bit more effort than I thought. I've always known that I'm a person who is happy to share my own personal experiences in hopes that it will help or even empower someone else. That's always been one-shots/once off, mentorship for... Continue Reading →

Chronic Teacher Fatigue

"If you aren't exhausted as a teacher at the end of the day , you haven't done your job." Someone I know It is very true that being a tocker can be very mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing. I would be surprised if I met a teacher who said that they never feel tired at... Continue Reading →

Things I Hate About Being A Teacher

I have days when I absolutely hate being a teacher. I am sure that every professional experiences a strong dislike for their profession at some point, but for some reason people think that when you ar a teacher, you must love it at all times on any given day. That's not true. It is kind... Continue Reading →

Teaching is a Social Justice Act

A teacher's classroom can be and is a vehicle for the change we hope to see in society. The thing is, that vehicle can turn incredibly right for positive change, or it can be the cause of a major N1 accident for negative change. I recently attended Cape Town's Pride Festival - Mardi Gras. The... Continue Reading →

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