Student-Teacher Chats Part 5 Part 5, end of week 5, that is where we are at!! I feel so happy and I feel blessed. I could not have asked for a more amazing teaching practice (TP) experience. Has it been easy? No! Has it been a smooth ride? Nope! Has it been challenging? Yes! Do I love it... Continue Reading →

Making a comeback: Sabbatical OVER! Has it been two months already? No ways, talk about time flies when you are having fun. Was I having fun though? Who really knows? There was so much to get done, personally and academically and just all spheres of life, and wow, life really moves whether you are on the train... Continue Reading →

COVID19 Lockdown

Corona Virus, the talk of the world. It is on everyone's mind. It has affected our lives in a major way. Some might have lost people close to them, for that I send my condolences and hope that you find a way to heal. Some might be feeling scared and anxious not knowing what is... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus COVID19

This is as straightforward forward as it gets. It will be short and sweet. In this epidemic that the entire world is experiencing, although it is safer to stay apart we shouldn't stop supporting one another. This is quite serious and can be slightly scary. I'm not going to mention things like wash your hands... Continue Reading →

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