Hopes and Fears of NQT Year 2

So last year around this time, I had some hopes, fears, expectations, and doubts about being a newly qualified teacher in the classroom for the first time ever. Well, it is year 2 now ... https://letsteachroyalty.com/2022/01/16/hopes-and-fears-new-teacher/ Those hopes and fears for really every go away. They are sort of ever-present, and you learn to live... Continue Reading →

Merry New Year, 2023!

Hands up if you agree that the year 2022 flew by really quickly? In a flash, we have just arrived in 2023. It feels surreal to me, but then again, such is life. I lowkey find it special when a month, let alone a year, starts on a Sunday. I don't know why. I guess... Continue Reading →

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