Experiencing Burnout

I am about to start the second quarter of my job of being a teacher. How exciting and scary it all is. Exciting because I really enjoy teaching and seeing lightbulbs turn on with each student that I teach. Scary because the second term is short and consists of an exam period that I need... Continue Reading →

Difficult Employment Decisions

This week I was asked to think about whether my place of work is really the place for me. If whether I see myself being there given my aspirations, zeal and desires for growth and the possibility that that might not happen in the environment that I am in. How crazy is that? I have... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Young Adulthood Years

Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted - it is an intimate date with yourself Paul TP Wong https://open.spotify.com/episode/1KZIiuPROdsNGWYwGKHiGW?si=9HdAOTkETJSlH3N8eKrchA&utm_source=copy-link Welcome into the year 2022!! I hope that you have entered into it as well as you could have hoped for and that you are happy, healthy and/or healing from 2021. The title suggests that I... Continue Reading →

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