Experiencing Burnout

I am about to start the second quarter of my job of being a teacher. How exciting and scary it all is. Exciting because I really enjoy teaching and seeing lightbulbs turn on with each student that I teach. Scary because the second term is short and consists of an exam period that I need... Continue Reading →

Teacher Means Parent-adjacent

I probably abuse the word 'adjacent' way too much in my day-to-day life. A lot of the time I am just trying to be funny, but when you think about it, it really does make sense. Outside of family, teachers really do become like "deputy parents" in a child's life. We, ourselves, even go as... Continue Reading →

T4 Country Ambassador

I was in my Economics class. The learners I have in that class really enjoy taking me off topic. Sometimes it works especially if it is related to the world and has some economic value. They were asking about being an ambassador and what that entails. One learner said they wanted to be the ambassador... Continue Reading →

Got My Back

I think one of the greatest senses of social security is knowing that someone has got your back. In every, or at least most, situations somebody is actually willing to look out for you, even when you are slightly wrong, however nobody needs to know that in public. I would not have survived the past... Continue Reading →

Difficult Employment Decisions

This week I was asked to think about whether my place of work is really the place for me. If whether I see myself being there given my aspirations, zeal and desires for growth and the possibility that that might not happen in the environment that I am in. How crazy is that? I have... Continue Reading →

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