Hopes and Fears of NQT Year 2

So last year around this time, I had some hopes, fears, expectations, and doubts about being a newly qualified teacher in the classroom for the first time ever. Well, it is year 2 now …

Those hopes and fears for really every go away. They are sort of ever-present, and you learn to live with them. They become a part of you and you are one with them. There real challenge is to not let the fears consume you. You know the story about the two wolves? Well, it is sort of like that, whichever one you choose to feed, Hope or Fear, is the one that survives and that’s the one that pulls you through the year. I must say, my year, although shaky, turned out to be pretty awesome eventually 😀.

For 2023, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on 2022. My teaching style, my classroom management, my organisation levels, my consistency, my leadership, and my work-life balance for my physical, emotional, and mental health, etc. My main hope for 2023 is for positive results all throughout the year. It is a really high hope as someone who is teaching Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy. These are challenging subjects just thinking of them. It is safe to say that some learners have nightmares at the thought of a maths assessment. I really want to drive that change in any way that I can. I feel it is somewhat my duty.

I no longer want to blame (so to speak) the previous teacher or COVID anymore. Yes, they left lasting, negative effects on my learners but they have been with me a year now. Whatever comes next is most likely on me, the teaching side of course. I have had to learn that I cannot blame me for a learner not wanting to put in their own effort from their side. I also cannot make excuses for a learners negative circumstances even though they are at a second chance school. Not to sound harsh or anything, but kids, even the 20 year old I teach, need firmness and stability, that includes both love and discipline, and that is something I need deal with both as the classroom teacher and the Grade Head.

So, in 2023, we are trying to survive a little bit less and definitely trying to thrive a little bit more. Yes, I fear I will default in some areas, I am human to do so. But then we keep trying and have responsible people to hold us accountable. As I keep believing that every teacher needs a teacher bestie 😉 otherwise, what would be the point?

Thank you for your time in sharing my thoughts. Much love and many blessings to you and yours.

P.S. Lowkey manifesting a distinction this year (or really close) 🙏🏼


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