My Leadership in Education

Not so long ago I wrote about generalised leadership in education as it was becoming more and more apparent in my life.

Leadership in Education

The topic of leadership has come up a lot lately in my life in more ways than one. It is such a big and broad topic that takes on multiple shapes and forms. One thing to note that I think is important, it is not only those that are given a title that are called…

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lately, I have been growing and experiencing my own leadership in education, more specifically at the school where I work.

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), which I have probably mentioned a thousand times, 23 years of age (as of June), as of July I became a Grade Head, basically the teacher that deals with all things pertaining to a particular grade – Academics, Discipline and Pastoral Care. Unbelievably true story! It is even on my LinkedIn page:

Newness of something will always feel overwhelming, and oh Wow, did I feel overwhelmed! I convinced myself that it all happened by default and eventually the principal will tell me that I am not ready. I wasn’t sure I was ready myself. Even though it was me getting things (most things) done, because of time I lacked in bi-weekly moderations (I still do).

Anyways, it is a whole other job of dealing with Admin but also Imposter Syndrome, Ageism (I am the youngest staff member) and even though it isn’t blatantly obvious there is just that slight sense of “Am I even being taken seriously as a professional regardless of the title?”

Lowkey, I enjoy responsibility. It makes me feel like I can a part of something much bigger than myself. I get to play on role in having my voice heard in terms of new ideas, new policy. I get to be involved in event planning and sharing ideas on how to make it successful. I enjoy being in a team of like-minded individuals who feel the pressure as much as I do therefore bringing a sense of community.

My leadership needs more consistency, which I admit and acknowledge. My leadership definitely needs a little bit more authority, it exists, but it is not quite there yet, a a point where I do not need to say that it comes from principal’s office for things to get done. I am very much a doer more than I am a planner on paper but we try. I am overall a work-in-progress and I believe things will be looking up.


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