A Not Well Teacher

I think as teachers we are really afraid of becoming ill or missing classroom time for personal reasons. Although we are only human, surrounded by many other humans, these things do happen and we should not be too hard on ourselves.

The curriculum or rather the annual teaching plan does not factor in public holidays and potential teacher personal days. It assumes that one week is a full five days and there is no room for anything else, school trips, sick days, administration, test and assignment days and such.

I personally feel guilty and worry about how I’m going to catch up time. School kids truly fail to understand the concept of time and its importance especially in adolescent years 15 to 17 (grades 9 to 11). They see the teacher as the enemy for addressing issues in relation to time, homework and classroom discipline. That’s me!

I’m not well because I’m stressed. I’m not well because I am ill and can’t decide weather to shoulder going to work or risk a doctor sitting me down for days. I’m not well because I know I’m behind and I need to find ways to catch up. I’m not well because I really care about the impact I’m trying to make but time is not on my side.

Thank you! I needed the space to vent and release frustration.


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