Fact: An eduaction system cannot outperform the quality of its teachers [paraphrased Andreas Schleicher]. Another fact: Studies show that over the next decade (a little less than) South Africa will lose approximately 45% of its teachers in the public sector due to retirement. Last fact (a little bit of an opinion): There is a call for new, young educators to take up space in schools as teachers and school leaders to drive the education system into new heights.

Last weekend, 15 – 17 July 2022, I, and many others, attended the annual Jakes Gerwel Fellowship Summit: Connect(Ed). It was nothing short of inspiring and energising for a novice teacher such as myself trying to navigate the space and hearing from others who have made it through and continue to do so.

The entire Connect(Ed) Summit experience can be found on the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship YouTube page. For now here is a snippet:

Being a teacher is not the most attractive profession in terms of salary and the admin that a teacher has to deal with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. However, I remind myself, as I am telling you: If we do not have the best teachers in the field teaching the future of the country, what do we expect to happen when learners go out into the world attempting to lead it. The thought that if teachers are not the best now, and I am not doing it then who the hell is going to teach my child one day?

The #BeATeacher campaign is about attracting top students who have a desire to be in education, wanting to shape and impact young minds, to be expert teachers with the greatest possible support in order to be set up to be at the forefront of an education revolution.

The past 5 years I have been a part of this organisation as a candidate fellow. It has been the most enlightening journey where I have felt supported and part of a larger and growing community of like-minded change agents ready to distrupt the education space.

How it started:

How it is going

At various times this year, I have been told/asked why am I not teaching at a private school or somewhere fancier than where I am? I just believe that I am not needed there because I much prefer to advance people who are disadvantaged to get them to the same standard of any fancier school.

I hope more and more young people such as myself and many others want to become teachers, not because of the state of the economy, not because it is an easy alternative to get access to, but rather because you are passionate that the classroom is a vehicle for change and a positive impact for the future of this country. If this is you then apply to become a JGF Applicant/Candidate Fellow, applications close 31 July 2022. If you are unsure, have a look anyway 😉 Link below:

Thank you for your time. Kindly share with everyone. Last note, you many nominate an applicant and if they succeed you earn yourself R1000 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t tell you


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