T4 Country Ambassador

I was in my Economics class. The learners I have in that class really enjoy taking me off topic. Sometimes it works especially if it is related to the world and has some economic value. They were asking about being an ambassador and what that entails. One learner said they wanted to be the ambassador for Russia, I still cannot tell whether he jokes about being on Russia’s side or not, but that is besides the point. So, the conversation continued, I mentioned that there are many different types of ambassadors, as a matter of fact, I am an ambassador for a global organisation:

I find different ways to connect teachers and schools to empower them with tools to make education in their classrooms, schools or countries better in any way that they can. A different learner, who is very interested in discussions on infrastructure, tech and general improvement says, “Now why can’t there be something like that for us, the learners?”

It felt pretty good to hear that a student I knew wants to be be a part of these conversations in order to grow and develop themselves beyond the classroom. I happen to think that teachers who are pure of heart will do anything to help their learners achieve just that!

If you are that type of teacher then why not join me at the Teacher Tech Summit, then go back and impart knowledge to your students. Meet with other like minded individuals, hear what they have to say, share your thoughts as well and develop to be someone’s favourite teacher!

As mentioned it is completely free!! Register here: http://teachertechsummit.org

There’s more: Now that you have heard of T4 Education. They have started an T4 Insights Panel for the purpose of ensuring that the teacher voice is heard. If you are a teacher and would love to take part in this initiative then kindly sign up here: http://t4-insights.panelservice.io/registration/4/ENG-ZA share with your colleagues in your school and in other schools. Let’s make Education AWESOME!!

Thank you! Much love and appreciation


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