Teaching Is An Emotional Act

Whether it is week one or now week five, every week is emotionally and physically challenging. Over time one can learn to manage it better but WOW!! Everyday is something new, I walk into a class or welcome a class without a single clue on what energy I am going to get that day in that moment.

My learners have a way of surprising me everyday. They are amazing people who can make my day or totally shake it up. Their energy or sometimes lack thereof has been the reason for the wild fluctuations of my own emotions. Everyday, no matter how much planning, is just an impromptu performance with hope that the audience will enjoy or at least cooperating with me.

Teaching is an emotional act in the sense that on a daily basis I meet over 100 different personalities and that includes colleagues. On a daily basis I need to exchange all those emotions, deal with the clashes and try not to take the negative ones personally. I do not always get it right. I do not think I ever will because I am human and we do not always wake up on the right side of the bed, apparently.

Sometimes crying is a necessary thing to do just to let it go. Sometimes I just need someone to confide in or to rant to and let it out. and sometimes I just need a drink or five (jokes). In rare cases all of the above and a good sleep afterwards.

I can’t say how I feel exactly, because it feels like everything and that can be overwhelming. I can say that at the end of the day, week or month, when I look back at all that has been achieved, it does come with a sense of fulfillment and joy when I realise that I can be the superhuman that I never thought that I was but hopefully I will start believing more and more every time.

I have been told that “if you aren’t emotionally exhausted, you haven’t done your work!” – Prof. J.Jansen. It is finally making sense and I couldn’t agree more!

As it is an emotional act, it can easily consume you. Every teacher has to take caution to protect their heart and mental well-being. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. I have come to realise the importance of finding ways to refill and/or re-energise yourself. As difficult as it may be, just stop thinking about work and focus on all other areas in life that may need care. Whenever I am stressed about an issued or problem, I step away from it and do something totally different so that when I return, I have a fresh mind and perspective. Does not always work but then again no guarantees in life.

Anyways, I have some people to thank. So many of my teachers have been dealing with this for years and they flourish. This is no easy task, but it can be worth it. S/o to Teachers!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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