T4 Education Country Ambassador

Announcement: Earlier this week it was announced that I was selected to be a T4 Education Country Ambassador for South Africa for my second year!! What an honour!! I am so happy and extremely excited.

T4 Education is a global organisation on a mission to empower educators of the world by providing tools, initiatives and events for them to positively change education. Quite a big and audacious goal if I might say so myself. Exactly the content I signed up for.

Teacher Well-being

Teacher Leadership

Teacher Technology

Teacher Collaborations

What would education be without the amazing teachers who serve and give their all to empower future generations. I love that T4 Education tries to shine a spotlight on what’s happening in classrooms worldwide. I am forever in awe and inspired!

As a country ambassador it is my duty to share what’s coming next:

  • Teacher Tech Summit

The biggest EdTech event of the year and you cannot miss it!! You do not have to be a teacher to attend. It is for anyone and everyone trying to see how teachers use tech to transform their classrooms. Also people who have tech to present to teachers and how best to utilise it

Last year I was one of 46 000 registered individuals watching from the comfort of my home. I learned quite a bit about how the use of technology could make a positive impact in a classroom especially given that COVID-19 had forced most of us into the digital classroom and we had to make do with what we had. Personally I enjoyed conversations about new apps and online platforms to enhance learning. Then I ended up creating accounts for most of them, I was not a teacher yet, last year but I cannot wait to turn theory into practice.

I wonder what this year’s summit will bring!! It is spread over 2 days – 25 & 26 March 2022. Join me. It is 100% free!!


  • World Best School Prizes

Imagine if your school or a school you know could win a share of $250 000 for being the best in any one of five categories.

Applications close on March 1st. There is still time but not a lot of time. Spread the word to everyone you know and share this for more information https://t4.education/worlds-best-school-prizes/

So that’s it from me. Spread the word of better education. Let’s get as many teachers and schools involved to start and education revolution!!!!

Thanks in advance!!


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