Hopes and Fears-New Teacher

Although I would like to talk about the hopes and fears of any new position in any profession, I have to be honest that this is mostly about me and what my hopes and fears are as a newly qualified and newly appointed teacher. My only hope at the moment is that there is some overlap and similarities in whatever you are starting, either as an accountant, lawyer, doctor or entrepreneur.

For this past week my brain has been all over the place, a little bit anxious about what the future is going to be about. I have been trying to prep, plan, imagine and rehearse almost all at the same time for multiple subjects, CRAZY! I still manage to get some sleep though, because that will always be important if I want to have a fully functional mind, able to work efficiently – good advice.

Here are my 3 hopes and 2 fears (positive must outweigh the negative) for my new position:


My greatest hope is to touch lives and expose them to all that life has to offer, through mathematics and economics. I am driven by purpose and I feel that that is my purpose. There is a special feeling that comes with being able to wake up every morning and being given the opportunity to meet people and teach them something meaningful while impacting their lives, positively.

I think everyone has their own purpose to serve. Without it being quite explicit, it is usually linked to other people, family, customers/clients. Trying to help towards something in your life and theirs. We want to know that we left their lives in a better state than how it was received.



One of my fears is completely messing up and making stupid mistakes. I do not fear that I am incompetent. However, I will always be learning something new and mistakes are inevitable. My fear is more about second/third guessing my choices and then falling behind or making a mess of things making it difficult to recover.

A school curriculum, almost assumes there is time for everything – Not True! It does not account for how a learner grasps concepts and the amount of admin that a teacher must still do behind the scenes. With all of that, one becomes tired and with fatigue, life becomes blurry and mistakes happen.

I am pretty sure that everyone in their respective positions would not want to be worn out by their job, which could cost you happiness and a deadline or two.


I hope to create inspiring work and see flourishing results in the form of excitement to be in my classroom and willingness to contribute as well as physical reports (although a child’s intelligence cannot solely be on this, but it does determine a pass or fail) I want to see real passes and not condoned passes.

If I get a “great lesson” or a “well done” or a “I get it!!” – that will be all worth it. I am sure many people enjoy a praise here and there. Yes, we should be praising ourselves but it touches the heart differently when it comes from someone else.



I fear disrespect and having to be the strict and feared one. Only because I have no idea what it means for me to do that. People have told me in the past that I look serious, bossy and mean and only later when they got to know me, it turned out that I was a nice and friendly person. I have no idea how I did that. I can tell you that I never really had to discipline anyone (sincerely not counting student leadership in high school).

I cannot be liked by everyone, but I fear not being liked by anyone. It is a delicate balance having to be the strict but approachable. The funny but serious. Or the motherly but not too friendly. Ms. M explaines it perfectly, it is hilarious!!



Finally, my last hope is to have fun, grow and develop to be spectacular. The point is to not end up in an environment that diminishes you but rather one that empowers you.

It’s like when you go to an interview, of course you want the job, but in the same space you need to check if the job/environment is good for you and your personal goals – Applicable to all new starters!!

Anyways, new start here I come!! And I am bringing the best of me!!!

Thank you for your time in reading this! Wish me all the best, because luck is for the unprepared! 🙂


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