Music lifts my spirit

Lately, I have been feeling really down because of so many things that are technically out of my control. I think that that is the real reason I am down, because I cannot really take control of the situation. Does that make me sound like a control freak? I hope not.

Anyways, I have been needing music to lift me up. Thought I would share some of it. Some artists have a way of singing the right lyrics at the right tone just to change your mood in the right way. Unordered list, and it is really not about the latest music, it just so happens that it is 5 songs that have come up this week.

  • Look up child – Lauren Daigle
  • Better when I’m dancing – Meghan Trainor
  • Heat waves – Glass Animals
  • New day – Alicia Keys

Never give up – Sia

Disclaimer: My music taste is not for everyone. I know and that’s perfectly fine.

Have a beautiful week!


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