Women’s Day

South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day today! The day 20 000 women marched down to The Union Buildings demanding equal rights!

It is the day the we recognise the familiar phrase “Wathint’ abafazi, Wathint’ imbokodo!” – you strike a woman, you strike a rock!

Today is the day we remember that as women we must take up space and be heard on the same levelling ground as men!

Today we are reminded that we have come so far, but there is still a long journey to go that can only be travelled by uplifting one another and empowering one another as women.

I met with a dear friend of mine. We go way back. Meet Wenzile Vilakazi, founder of Miss Pretty Face SA. Let’s hear about what she has to say about this day!

Thank you so much for listening and/or watching.

Happy and Blessed Woman’s Day to all the Beautiful Queens out there! Remember that You are strong, courageous and powerful! You are capable of greatness! Step into it!

May this day serve as a reminder of all that women have fought for and all that women have achieved. It does not end here as there is still much to be done!

Love, light and appreciation to you all!


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