Fortunately, see you later …


Dear Royalties, that is all of you, you beautiful, gorgeous and amazing people.

I hope this blog finds you well, in good health and in better spirits. Oh my goodness, let me stop sounding like an email. It feels a little bit too uptight for my liking. That can never be me on my own blog.

Rewind, let me start again.


Oh my goodness!! I shocked myself, recently I realized that I have posted on my site for 24 weeks consecutively. This is week 25, #TearsOfJoy :). In those 24 weeks, I managed to give out 29 posts, more #TearsOfJoy this is now the 30th post!! I only counted from the moment I decided that I’m going to revamp my site and make it feel like me. There are posts that are way older than that, but I was still testing the waters back then (a 2 year long test haha) I’m better now.


Goodness! I am saying the word ‘goodness’ way to many times. Maybe it is because that is what I am feeling in my heart and I really want you all to know that. Thank you for planting the feeling of goodness in my heart as well as many other positive feelings of love, genuine engagement on and off the site, and support.


Oh goodness … This is so difficult for me to say now. I thought about this for so long and I believe that I need to take a sabbatical, a longish leave #RealTearsNow. I only told one person and the response I got was an unexpected one but one I needed to hear. It was, “Yes! Finally!” that hurt but it continues, “I knew you wanted to write every week, but I thought that was a bit too much. Your writing is so good, you give/put in so much which shows itself in the quality you produce. If you burned out then you would produce [subpar] work and that wouldn’t be good. So, yes, I am glad you are deciding to take a break! You deserve it!”

I do not know whether that is what everyone or even most people think, but I will take it. I know that I cannot write for everyone but I am more than fulfilled when I have written for someone, even if it is just one person, my heart is filled.

I was once asked if writing every week started to feel like a job, implying that I’m losing passion for it. Of course I said, “I do not feel that way at all.” I still don’t feel that way, I’m sure of it. In fact, I know I will feel weird for a while, I teared up for a bit at the thought of it, because it hurt a little, but I do realise it needs to be done, and I hope that that is okay.

The word sabbatical, part of its meaning is “paid leave for study or travel.” So, I’m not being paid but I would like to journey into a new piece of writing that I have been thinking about for published author status, it has been on pause for a while, my guy tells me that I need to revive it again. We will see where it takes me #Excited!

So that is it. Good-bye for now, not forever. Fortunately, see you later …! How long? A month or two (pending). I wanted to keep this short and sweet but I guess even in my production break I still have so much to say, it is in my nature, you cannot blame me.

Thank you for this opportunity and I cannot wait to gather more inspiration and ideas and continue this journey. As I always say, wherever you go, spread love, light and knowledge!


My soul recognizes your soul. I honor the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us.


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