Readers Are Leaders


Suggestion on books to read at the very end!

Side note: no podcast on this

When I was younger there was a computer program that my primary school got us all into. It was called Readers Are Leaders and it was aimed at teaching/giving us a whole bunch of benefits associated with the program listed below:

• Dramatically improves reading speed
• Read with Comprehension
• All aspects of language are developed e.g. grammar, vocabulary and spelling
• Improves visual memory
• Over 1000 reading passages, each with a sequence of exercises
• Wide range of stories, English and Afrikaans
• Wide range of Levels, equivalent to Grade 1 to 12 and 3 tertiary levels
• Ability to add own content
• Assists in academic improvement in all subjects
• Use independently at own pace


I think they added it to my English syllabus, and long story short – this is where my love of reading was born! And here we are now 🙂


For as long as I can remember I have always been a bookworm. I used to be the kid who always had a book in hand, finding and maximising every second I had to read just one more page. I thank school for igniting this fire in me, but I also blame school (the older I got) for not giving me enough time to continue reading for leisure, I had to focus on prescribed readings for exam purposes :(. I really did not like that, but it needed to be done.

Anyways, my starting genre was a lot of fiction because I got a high on being in realities that did not exist. In fact this quote just sums it all up for me

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

I was always looking for the next best place to go visit. To immerce myself in its culture and be one with the characters. That was for me so magical, I could feel it in my soul. I still enjoy fiction from time to time, but of course with growth one tends to welcome new tastes. I found myself leaning towards psychology, personal development and novels (just for the sense of realism but still fiction). It has been quite fulfilling.

In my experience, reading empowered me, who would have thought that I would become a writer myself (many years down the line) definitely not my younger self. It did so much more but on this note I would like to share some awesome books that I think everyone should be reading to feel empwered or more self-aware.

Note: I am sharing 10 books but I have not read them all (only a few), but trust that I will. The ones that are on the list that I have not read are there because they have received so much hype that I have FOMO and need to get my cents together to go purchase them. This is my manifestation (one of my 5Ms)! I will get to read all these books at the right time for me to learn from them!


If none of these interest you, that is perfectly fine. Find something for you and I hope it challenges your mind and adds to your intellectual growth (this includes your imagination). Additionally, I hope that it helps you escape to wherever it is that you want to go. Lastly, I hope that it is good for your soul and you feel empowered. All of the above is the recipe for a great book!

Last note: if reading really does trouble your soul, at least get the audio book ..

Last but not least, comment which books I should look into. The more the better 🤓📚


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