5Ms to a happy life :)


I thought I would use this opportunity between ideas to share some powerful things that I have been learning lately that I have boiled down to what I will now call the 5Ms (as in what will be in my bank account one day – Yess!! 😉

Side note: No Podcast this week.

I think that these 5 things tools and ideas that I think are necessary for every human being. You might be already familiar with some of them, I am just adding my 2 cents and I hope that is alright.

1. Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness boils down to being aware of the present moment that you are in, yourself, others and the greater environment.

There are so many benefits to being mindful and I am yet to actually find a disadvantage (but then again I am not looking). Some of them include relaxation, stress relief, self-knowledge, better control over unpredictable situations, concentration, resilience, increased happines and many more.


2. Music

We can all agree that music is what makes life much more colourful. As noticed in the picture above, listening to music can be a mindful act. Music has power to change our mood drastically. I was in the middle of a conversation before writing this with a friend. We spoke about why parents are so nervous when their children listen to heavy, “gangs and guns” rap. Music has a psychological effect, especially on young minds. Anyways we agreed that it is good to listen to varying types of music, just to add flavour and more colour.

Listen to what is good for your soul, not just at what will get you to groove, but also what just calms you, or even makes you cry because we need that sometimes. If you are a musician yourself, then make that music for yourself.

Listening to instrumentals of songs I know is something I enjoy for some odd reason. Check out DSharp of YouTube something about his violin skills touches my soul.


3. Movement

This is all inclusive of all types of movement: exercise for fun, dance, try new things, do whatever just DO NOT STAY STAGNANT. Life happens when we are moving. In a different conversation I had, I noticed that a friend of mine seemed to be “doing a lot” two part time jobs plus academics (maybe there is more). I was praising him for it and the response I got was “I’ve always noticed that for me, the more I do = the more I get done.” Him saying that, made me realise that I am the same too. Once things get done, I almost always want to fill that gap with something new to keep me going or else everything feels like it slows down and I become still.


This is not for everyone, but do just enough to not allow yourself to feel less useful, especially if you are the type of person who like to feel as though you are at optimum usefulness. Do not bury yourself to a point where you are unable to cope, then you become useless to yourself and society.

Remember to include resting in your life, recharging is just as NB!

4. Mingle

It is all well and great to meet new people and of course it is encouraged. What I have learned lately is that who you invite into your space is crucial.


Turns out the energy you surround yourself is is what you become. Equally so, the energy you put out there is the energy you attract. Mingle and have a jol, but conscious of who you are doing it with and for what reasons.

5. Manifestation


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