Is (Was) it Good Luck?


This quote below was sent to me not so long ago, in fact when I began this, let’s call it ‘luck series’. It is truly powerful and greatly inspiring. I might just decide to live by it myself. #stolen


There was a time in my life when someone said to me “I will not wish you luck, because luck is for the unprepared. Rather I will say ‘All the best'”. That stuck with me for a really long time; it actually made me want to be prepared for everything that I did. It was so that even if nobody wished me luck, I just knew I was ready. Of course, it is nice to hear once in a while, I am only human, but it was different when I knew I was ready.

I trust that you have been keeping up, if not then get on with it. What are you waiting for?!


Now we may continue :).

This might be disturbing for some people to understand, but my favourite day(s) of the year is Friday the 13th; whenever it happens, regardless of the month or how many times it appears on a calendar for a particular year. I am just happy about the day. I swear it has nothing to do with other people’s misery, it is all purely intrinsic. It started in primary school, people around me were always so frantic about the day. They would tell me about all the “horrible” things that have happened to them, forgot a book at home, tripped on something or their crush saw them do something embarrassing. All things that could have happened any other day, but because it was Friday the 13th, it shouldn’t have happened apparently. I used to find it all so funny, I just could not understand what is it about the day that makes them feel like it would have never happened otherwise.

As my years progressed, I would just have unexpected good days, some of the best after what felt like “it has been a while” – that type of feeling. I experienced kindness from strangers, I picked up money, someone decided to take me out, my crush noticed me or simply just that I felt good, my chakras were bright and aligned. All of which was unexplainable but very well and openly received.

I deemed myself lucky. Maybe I was just at the right place at the right time. Maybe there are a specific set of events that happened that lead to these good moments. Of course that begs the question: in my immediate surroundings, why me and not the next person and why on Friday the 13th? I do not have the answers, but please, I welcome all speculations in the comments or privately, I am all eyes and ears.

For centuries people have tried to create luck and find ways to carry it around with them everywhere they went. Whether be it a lucky coin, four leaf clover (very difficult to find, I have tried), a charm bracelet or whatever. It is so wild to think that as people we have placed so much value on something that literally cannot do anything on its own. I have been there too and I can’t explain myself, but it is what it is, haha.

Let’s hear from others on their personal experience with the idea of good luck. Here is a voice note I got from a friend named Lesego (Instagram: @les_apex)


… and here is a comment from my friend Galie

I don’t necessarily believe in luck, but I won’t fight someone who says “I was just lucky”. Sometimes people enter situations blindly and still come out victorious which is why one can believe that luck was the reason. I believe that if something is for you it will happen eventually, and if not then just let it be. But again the world is a tricky place and nothing is actually key considering how things are along with how humans do live IT’S EVER-CHANGING! So it is important to keep trying and keep moving without giving up.

Galie Tau

I think this deserves more thought and a continued conversation. Let’s see what happens …

Thank you for reading/listening, of course I want to hear more from you. What do you think about my Friday the 13th situation and what sort of luck charms do you hold dear to your heart?

Love and light


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