The Power of A Meal


Nothing genuinely brings people together like sharing a meal. No matter the cuisine; I swear that food has magical powers that are just not recognised enough and I think that is was makes it so beautiful and powerful.

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It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are coming from or what you do; the dining area whether be it on the dining table, on a picnic blanket, in a restaurant or in your car going through the drive-thru. Where there is food there is a sense of togetherness. Bonds are created maybe for a short term or a longer term, doesn’t matter. What matters is that in that moment you are just in that space of connection with another human being(s) creating beautiful memories, sharing ideas and laughter in conversation. I do not think there is a greater feeling than that.

For me it feels like I am whole again, like I am part of something magnificent and greater than myself! I told someone that I am at my happy state, and I could not ask for anything more than that!


We have just come back from what is considered the Holy Weekend/Easter Weekend. My phone calendar says from Friday to Monday – Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Family day, maybe we can slot in April Fools’ since it was on that Thursday that we got into the weekend mood.


Whether you are religious or not, I don’t think anyone prefers to spend this long weekend in complete isolation, or any long weekend for that matter. Besides it being a religious holiday, you tend to notice that people use the time to connect, go out and have food together either at home, res, or some new and trendy restaurant. Noticing everyone, those who were in my immediate vicinity and others on their social media actually put a smile on my face because I realised that that is what life is all about, being with those who make you feel whole, your family and chosen family.

It is in these moments of sharing food we tend to learn so much about another person(s) that you otherwise would not have known from your busy and fast paced lives. Everything just slows down for a moment and you can just enjoy the aesthetics. I just hope everyone was able to appreciate that and actually soak in all the goodness that the Easter season had to offer. I hope everyone felt some of the fruits of the spirit namely: love, joyfulness, kindness, goodness, peace and maybe even some self-control given that we are still in a pandemic and there are still school assignments to be completed.


Whatever you did and whomever you were with, I hope it was the best time of your life! Here are some of my highlights, all of which included food, as the art that it is, of course with some of my best people and new people I met along the way (literally I got to eat with at least 4 new people that I had just that day, wild but beautiful). It is all thanks to the meal!


I conclude with the saying that “food is good for the soul” let us finally recognise the power that it has and be thankful for it.

I hope you are all well rested and feeling super and ready for the coming week. I hope you had a splendid Easter weekend and made meaningful connections. HAPPY EASTER AND FAMILY DAY!

I hope you enjoyed what I had to say. You are welcomed to like and leave a comment to let me know how you spent your Easter and long weekend. Share with others on social media and subscribe to my blog!!


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