Stories of Easter, Eostre and Der Osterhase


Imagine it was the Easter Dog? How about the Easter Bird, I mean it actually lays eggs? Maybe Easter Pig? (scroll for cuteness)


I wondered out of all the available animals why was the bunny “the chosen one”? It is a bit odd that at my big age of 21 years, I found myself googling Easter Bunny history hoping to get some fable(s) to share with everyone. Did I find some? OF CAUSE I DID! People come up with the weirdest stuff on the internet and it makes for a good read, noting that you can never cite the work for any academic writing (warning!)

Story 1:

The idea of the Easter Bunny (the creature itself) originates from America, that should already give it away that it is all fake. I’m kidding! The plot twits is that it came from German immigrants in Pennsylvania who just shared an old traditional tale about a hare, “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws” that would lay colourful eggs as gifts to children who were good. Sounds like Christmas in the middle of the year to me. The kids would make nests for this bunny to come leave its eggs in, also as a thank you, the kids would leave carrots for the bunny to eat (sound familiar?). As the years went by the eggs idea expanded to other sweets and treats.

How nice is that? Not only do we have a Santa Clause who makes a naughty and nice list but there is a bunny that does the same thing. I wonder if they ever compare notes and justify why each of us should be on either list. haha, that would be a little funny to see. Also, I am not really sure if the Easter Bunny can speak or at least understand language in this scenario.


Story 2:

The symbol of the rabbit is believed to be brought about by an ancient Pagan tradition,  the Festival of Eostre. Eostre is known as the Goddess of Fertility and Spring (Northern Hemisphere because here in the South it is Autumn). Her symbol was that of a rabbit because rabbits really know how to make and deliver many many many babies.

Rabbits are mammals, so why Eggs? The only answers that made sense is that it is all about long and ancient symbolism to Eostre. Symbols of fertility, rebirth and new birth and somehow the symbols of a rabbit and an egg and spring all do exactly that.


Interesting Finds

Turns out in other countries, outside the United States, it is something other than a bunny that delivers eggs. Research can be beautiful sometimes.

Easter Bilby (endangered animal in Australia). Easter Cuckoo (Switzerland). Easter Fox or the Easter Rooster (Germany)


That’s it from me. Thought I would just shed some light on some of the world’s thoughts on Easter and its symbols and fables. Could make for some interesting bedtime stories.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Weekend thus far, whether it has had religious meaning or not, I know I have! I hope you have experienced great love and light within your family and friend circle as that is what this holiday is about. Kindly share with them this blog, so that they know as well. Pass on my love and light to them as well.



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