April Fools’!!- 🤡🤡 – you and I


Life turns us into fools and clowns sometimes and there is nothing we can really do but to just laugh at ourselves and hope that nobody is watching.


I have always wondered about the history of this day as I do with all days. I mean this is an unofficial celebrated holiday, but why? Why do we do this? So I went ahead and found this video …


A little bit of history or pseudo-history here and there is good for the soul.

It is my late granny’s birthday today (for real no joke) so she used to tell me how much she used to hate this day as a child because people would prank her in various ways, it felt worse because it was here birthday so she couldn’t tell if people were intentionally trying to make fun of here on her birthday or whatever. Can’t imagine what it is like, especially in times of today when pranks are really elaborate for produce as many laughs as possible.

I am not very good at pranks, I try sometimes. I don’t go all out because the time is just not available to do so. Today I happened to share with some of my family a random picture of a pregnancy test. I have been laughing this entire morning. Great way to just shock them a little bit. I used to play around with red food colouring and pretend to be seriously injured. The problem sometimes is that I break too easily and too quickly, but as long as I got the intial reaction, I am so good.

I found this post:


Here are some weird and awkward prank ideas. You can decide what you can and cannot do. I have read some of them and wow, people come up with some weird stuf hey.

Here are some funny prank videos I have really enjoyed

Ouch! Poor guy! But super hilarious! 🤣😂
Imagine this happening to you 😳🤣😂 It is so cute though

Anyways, I hope you have a super funny day, whether you are doing the pranking or being pranked. It is easier to be able to laugh at yourself if you are being pranked. Share with me what have been some of your memorable prank experiences.


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