Being a Student: Social


“These are the best years of your life that you will wish to go back to when you are my age.” – said every adult

If I had a rand for every time I heard these words, or similar, I would be wealthy. Every working/grown person just loves to be nostalgic about their varsity years. A period of no intense responsibility, a taste of freedom and exploration; all that which comes with leaving the nest, I guess.


I guess there would be no point in life if you weren’t enjoying it as best as you can. Making friends, hooking up, attending parties/street markets, get crazy drunk (but not becoming a drunkard), go on hikes (living in the Western Cape, this is almost mandatory) and other adventures like outdoor cinemas, bungee jumping and/or simply being a tourist with your student card for all those student discounts ;). – just ideas

We learn quite a bit about ourselves in these young, wild and free (Wiz Khalifa) moments. Life is shit hard sometimes, but learning to navigate it and exploring it, is what makes it so incredibly beautiful!!

I could tell you that life is too short, but I am sure you already knew that. My question to you is, what are you doing to make it the crazy adventure that you want to be on, before life gets more real than it already is? What you tell some kid one day that these will be the best years of their life, what will you be nostalgic about? I know I previously spoke about the stressful moments of student life

Being A Student: Stressors

… we have many frustrating and stressful moments. The type of moments that make us want to scream even if our voices were to go away, we would still be screaming …

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but we all need to find ways to de-stress and have fun with ourselves and others in order to remain sane and functional human beings. We are social creatures after all. And I guess all I’m saying is that don’t miss out on life just because you are stressed about life. Plan for it, budget for it, gather people for it and then go live it.

Lessons from Spongebob (Remix):


What does your social life look like at the moment vs what you want it to look like? Tell me about it in the comments below (yes, scroll down there).

Hope you enjoyed the trap remix of the Fun Song, haha. Share with others on all social platforms.

Thank you for all the love and support, it is truly felt with each of you pressing like and follow :).


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  1. My social life seems neglected over the years. My social circle has gotten smaller due to me focusing more on academics and not being able to strike the balance between the two. I’d like to see a change to that, like you said in the blog/podcast “we’re social creatures after all”.

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  2. Balance is key. You don’t need a large social circle to strike a balance as long as you’ve got those real people on your life then that’s all that matters.


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