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I believe that all human beings are made up of 3 complex things: Body, Mind and Soul. The complexity is in figuring out how each works at its full capacity where one feels that they are at their truest self and fully capable of achieving greatness, whatever greatest means on a personal level.

Up to so far we have had discussions on the Body, see:


In summary it was about the longevity of life and what can be done to lengthen it, where one is able to see their great x3 grandchildren. A bit of a comparison between South Africa and Japan lifestyles. And an awesome must watch interview!

We then continued with the Mind, see:


In summary it was about giving your mind the love and care that it deserves in order to have it drive you into success. A bit of a questionnaire to put your mind to work, send me answers, completely anonymous. And tips on how to do a mental health check in.

I would greatly appreciate it if you first read those mentioned above first because everything builds on to the next thing. Can’t start a movie from the middle and expect to know all the characters names immediately.

I want to introduce a dear, spiritual sister of mine Basetsana “Bacy” Shubane. I consider her to be one of the influencers in my spiritual journey. While I am not a religious person today, that is the journey where we initially connected. It is where our friendship grew to a sisterhood. I considered myself a “lost and broken soul” back then and let’s say, I needed some saving and between God and the Universe, it was decided that she be lead my way, along with a few others of course, but today we are hearing from Bacy via audio only but here is a gorgeous picture, press play.


I have always seen religion and spirituality as different but somehow through my own understanding figured that one can be spiritual without being religious but when you are religious you can use that to find your spirituality. I guess that is how it happened for me, but hey we are all on our own journeys and it is different for everyone. Of course then I wondered are these two concepts co-dependent, interdependent or independent of one another. I have found many spiritual people not believing in a God, but instead referring to a higher power as “The Universe” (I do that quite often too). Then also many religious people believe a spiritual state to be the place to connect to God, whomever God is to them (all religions inclusive). Bacy says:


Nobody ever said you had to be one or the other, both can thrive in ones life. It is up to you in what way feels healthiest to you.

Spiritual health is largely associated with living a purposeful life. Being able to reach a higher state of being. Having this connection and balance between body, mind and soul. Sort of how we imagine Buddhists to be or the Monks we see at temples. Thinking about these words as plain as they are, it seems and feels like this heavenly-cloud 9 state, where all your problems just disappear and you are in full control and complete peace. Unfortunately, we are on Earth and we need to practically figure out what does spiritual health look like?


“Discovery of ones self” – sounds like something people say after a break up or when asked “Why are you single?” haha. It does not have to be only at those times. It is continuous. It could literally take up to a lifetime and there would still be more to discover. The image I have of what a spiritual health journey looks like is this:

Image result for universe

It just looks infinite. We do not know what the spiritual realm looks like but I would imagine that it is huge and it would take a lifetime and a half to journey through it all just to discover ourselves. It must also be beautiful, because at our highest state of being, we are beautiful creatures trying to better ourselves and those around us in the environment in which we live.

With long journeys there are bound to be obstacles, trials and tribulations that make us feel like balance of body, mind and soul is unattainable. I think it is perfectly okay to lose your balance, but then the main question is what you do to find it again, Bacy’s insight, tips and tricks to becoming spiritually healthy/rectifying the imbalance:


Perfectly said! Remember why you started. Retrace your steps. A new one, keeping a gratitude journal. Definitely going to keep this one in mind for the continuation of my journey to spiritual health.

This was not my usual approach to blogging. I do hope that it demonstrates that Let’s Be Royalty is meant to be a community where ideas are welcomed, shared and acknowledged. We are not completely original, all that is known/believed in is drawn from inspiration coming from those around us, dead or alive. I do not know much about taking spiritual journeys, but I do always seek to feed my soul with ideas acquired from others for my personal growth, yours and ours. That was the point of today. Final thoughts?


It is your important journey and you make it your own. Find your peace, your control, your heavenly state and let me know what that looks like to you.

If you ever want deeper knowledge of spirituality and mindfulness. I have always thought that Buddhists and the study of Buddhism is a good place to start. I do not mean change your beliefs. It is just for deeper understanding as some people see spirituality as a path to enlightenment, also known as the Eightfold path or Chakra alignment which is the basis of Buddhism. Here are two links to check out written by one of my followed bloggers called Be Inspired..!!

The Basics of Buddhism Part 1 and The Basics of Buddhism Part 2

Thank you for reading and listening. Your views are greatly welcomed in the comments section below. You, pressing the like button is also greatly welcomed. Feel free to share on any social platform with your friends and their friends.



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