Colour Therapy (aka Chromotherapy)


I do not know about you but I believe that colours hold a lot of meaning and power whether we realise it or not. They can make or break the interior design of a house/home. They can change our mood, even in the most subtle way. And even determine whether we associate ourselves with certain people of a certain colour or not, this one is quite unfortunate, but it happens.

I would like for you to take note of how you feel right now as you are about to start reading this. Then we will have a conversation in the comments about how you feel after reading this. I am just interested to know what colours mean to you


You have successfully shared what you are feeling in the form of colour (one of the colours of a rainbow) but I have no idea what that colour means to you, unless you tell me. I can guess that two people might be feeling scared about something, but individual one recognises that as black, while individual two chooses red. You are completely valid in whatever colour you associate your feelings to.

Let’s find out what the science says about colours and colour therapy

Every colour has a specific wavelength and frequency. When we see a colour, its wavelength is converted into electrical impulses in the retina and are passed to the hypothalamus, which has many vital functions such as releasing hormones and regulating our emotional responses

New Age FSG

I definitely feel smarter after reading that.

So I have been thinking about it. Can colour make me feel happier than I am right now? If so, then which colours do I need to be seeing and how long will it take for me to feel great? I stumbled on a game called Happy Colour, you know these random ads that we see that look so exciting that we just cannot resist downloading just to try it out.

I don’t know about feeling great and happier etc. But it is quite calming and relaxing, but I also might just be addicted, look at a few of these that I have completed:

Love and Horses
Elk aka Wapiti

I know that it is none of my own doing. It is just me following the numbers and colours, but once it is done especially when the numbers were close to 100, it feels satisfying and it looks so beautiful. Watching the clip of how I put it together at the end makes me feel proud of myself. Seeing this dull black and white image being transformed into these “Happy Colours” is sorta, kinda nice. Okay, a lot of, kinda nice. I have been doing a few of these almost every night. Maybe I have slept better because of it. Well my dreams seem a bit clearer on some days, I have been remembering them after I wake up. I am not claiming any causation or correlation, it is just self-observation.

Apparently, the study of colours is associated with our chakras, the seven centres of spiritual power in our bodies

I had someone read my palm once to tell me about my chakras, apparently the are all out of whack. Deep down, according to what my right palm looks like, I am a mess! Hopefully as life continues, I will come out winning and colourful. Keep a look out on my Instagram @lets_be_royalty, I might share my reading.

Now, the part where I share more of what the internet says each colour means

I do not know why I find this interesting, I guess it is because there are so many different perspectives to see, medicinal (dangerous territory to make claims on), personality or spiritual power within us. Maybe you are like me and you just like to see them all work together to complete a picture that can be admired, we are multidimensional after all.

Knowing all of this: Are you feeling just one colour or multiple? Which chakra do you feel is your strongest? What colour is your personality? I won’t ask anything related to medicine but if you have thoughts then feel free to let them be known. You can answer yourself, but that is not fun; so answer in the comments below.

Song of the week: Rainbow by Kesha

Thank you for reading!

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