Finding your inner Royalty 👑


For a while now I have been asked “What is this Royalty thing? Why royalty?” Some even go as far as referring to me a Royalty or a few times it has been “Miss Royalty.” I must say that I am honoured and flattered. I am glad that people are taking an interest/curiosity in my writing and/or showing some sort of engagement, but it really is not just about me, it is about all of you too, us!

I can definitely tell you that there are no cravings for power whatsoever. I do not aim to make myself seem as though I am above others, because that can never be the case.

The concept of being Royalty is just a reminder that:
I am strong. I am beautiful/handsome. I am a conqueror. I am worthy. I am wealthy. Literally it can be anything that anyone says to themselves to feel better, to feel empowered, to feel kickass. I just sum it all up to being Royalty, because that is what I am, what you are and what we are meant to be together; mini ‘Queen Elizabeth’-eses (I hope get me), unless you prefer Duchess or Duke, that’s welcomed too.

It is not only an internal thing. It is also a community thing. It is about uplifting one another, because we cannot do this life thing alone. We need one another for upliftment, to feel empowered, for motivation and inspiration. This is just one of the many platforms just for that, although I hope this one grows in traffic.


Around the time that I was in my senior high school year, grade 12 (matric), I wrote this poem called “When I Take A Look Inside…” I wrote it for myself at the time, but I also wrote it in the first person so that whoever may read it may feel like they are speaking to themselves and can find some upliftment from it. The idea was positive reflection, ignoring all the negatives,  because as young people we tend to dwell on the bad, sometimes for way too long. Have a listen, by the way I hate reading my own work out loud, but you give me strength, so this one is for you …

Poem: When I take a look inside – Gugu, 2017

Of course it has to be acknowledged that we do not always feel this great. I’ll admit that sometimes I feel like a bum, completely worthless and a failure. I’ve been called many degrading names, to my face and behind my back, that I can’t mention here, PG13 vibes. I would wish that nobody would ever have to endure that. Unfortunately, bullying is a thing and I want to put a stop to it wherever I have influence to do so.

It is hard sometimes to get out of a slump. It may feel prolonged at times. Always remember that it doesn’t make you any less than. Take a good look inside of yourself and see that you are freaking AWESOME! You are ROYALTY!! POWERFUL …

Song of the week: Powerful – Empire Cast (Jussie Smollett & Alicia Keys)

Kindly share your thoughts on anything I’ve said in the comments section below. How do you uplift yourself and others? Are there any anti-bullying campaigns that you believe need to be acknowledged more? What do you wish you could say to your bully?

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Thank you for reading!


15 thoughts on “Finding your inner Royalty 👑

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  1. Oh I totally agree. I definitely feel like I’m royalty because took me from a place of brokenness, shame and despair to a place of peace and joy. Finding God for me is definitely what makes me feel like I’m royalty , the things that He does in and through me as well as the strength that I acquire and knowing myself more-all those things are things that I was longing or rather yearning for my entire life.

    Thank you for this☺️😘

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  2. Oh & that’s how the ‘Kgosigadi’ name came about , last year… it’s Tswana for Queen. ☺️


  3. I’d say, God is my center.. More like the reason i dont fall apart completely. But i will say that music for me, playing the Clarinet, is what mends those pieces together. I feel like God gave me a timeless remedy with my Clarinet.

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  4. I have also been wondering what Royalty really means to you🙂. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring motivation and message. The song Powerful really touches my soul every time I listen to it, it just makes me feel like I can do anything.

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  5. I loved the poem. The best way to uplift myself is to be around animals.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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