Own it! You are BEAUTIFUL!


Nope, this is not just for females. It applies to you, you and you too 😉😘. Basically, everyone! I just really like the word ‘beautiful,’ I guess it is because it sounds beautiful to say! Yep, that was cheesy, but who cares😅.

Take a moment to look into the mirror and appreciate what you see. I really believe that some people do not do this enough, just appreciating who they are and owning it. If appreciating means just smiling at yourself, or speaking words of affirmation to yourself, even taking a mirror selfie and acknowledging that what you are seeing is damn straight SEXY😍! Then do it! Here is mine, I took this last night (8 May 2020, just to be sure). I said to myself: “Damn, she is pretty, even with that massive pimple (it looks worse live).” I don’t know what came over me in that moment, I had just finished washing my face, and was thinking of going to bed, that’s it.

I started to think about a question that a friend of mine asked a while ago🤔, “if pretty girls (according to society) ever felt unpretty at times?” Of course for the purpose of inclusivity, let’s modify it slighty, “Do good looking people, ever feel ‘not so’ good looking?” My initial answer at the time was “I definitely think so, it happens right, we are all human.” I said “I feel ‘unpretty’ whenever I post a picture that I think looks great, and I hope that it will get tons of likes and maybe some comments will all come flooding in, but instead the opposite happens. And then later I notice a different girl gets 200+ likes in 20min but we have at least 60% mutual followers.” CRAZY!🤯 Even at other times when I have a crush, and everyone says “Tell him. He cannot reject you, you look great!” Psych, mans won’t even speak to me, that’s a rejection (True story, but don’t ask questions🤫).

That was an in the moment type of answer, but I do not take it back. I was fairly honest then, and it will always remain honest. What I will add is that although getting some validation from society is really nice and exciting🤩, I mean we cannot deny that, it is not the “be-all and end-all.” It is not of the utmost importance; it most certainly does not make you less than. And just to be fair, getting all those likes and never being rejected does not make you more than, compared to other humans.

I watched a movie 🎬 and it would be so great if everyone could watch it. I Feel Pretty . I really don’t want to spoil it, but it puts across this amazing message about what self-confidence can do for you when you haven’t been feeling so good about yourself from a physical perspective. It is a rom-com and worth watching, if you are into movies like me, a whole lot of them. The movie quite relatable, funny but still though-provoking, highly recommended👌.


I think we have all struggled with appearance. It is this notion of there is always going to be someone who looks better, you are the person who looks better to someone else. You know “everyone is a DUFF to somebody (another great movie).” We cannot really change how other people see us, but that’s the least important. The most important is we can change how we see ourselves. That should always rank first, right! Not second.


Let’s go back to the mirror. Only you can see you, all the way down to your inner soul and, DAMN! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are ROYALTY 👑(last link I promise, throwback to when I started as a blogger). Never believe the crappy stuff, because it will never be true.

Love and light.💖


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  1. You like the word beautiful and I like the word “confidence” but confidence with knowledge… if you are confident in yourself, you will always look beautiful to other people, be confident that you are beautiful, you will be; be confident that you are strong to achieve something, then you will and you will be beautiful … because you will be happy to have achieved it. Nothing comes down to appearances, all about your heart and your own view of yourself…

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