COVID19 Lockdown


Corona Virus, the talk of the world. It is on everyone’s mind. It has affected our lives in a major way. Some might have lost people close to them, for that I send my condolences and hope that you find a way to heal. Some might be feeling scared and anxious not knowing what is going to happen next or how they should react, for that I say, I feels you and you are not alone. Majority of the world currently is experiencing a lockdown, it is new to all of us, but I believe we can get through it.

The very first week when university was shutdown, I was totally lost and unsure what to do with myself. I lost my drive to get out of bed and face the day with whatever challenges that may come. I am literally that person who needs to have something to do in order to feel some sort of fulfillment and purpose, so when my daily thing of going to school was taken away from me, I spun into a depressive spiral. Pyjamas the whole day. Energy levels extremely low. Eating here and there. Binge watching series and movies one after the other, checking social media and posting the silliest things just to feel connected to people, because isolation actually sucks. Damn, as I say it and write it, I realise more and more that I was a REAL mess. I hope that was not any of you, but if it was, then that is okay too, no judgements, we all go through these horrible days once in a while. The important thing is figuring out how to get out of it and doing your utmost best to not fall backwards again.

So I would like to share some of the ways I have been trying to keep out of my own negative spiral. There is not order to the list.

  • Create a routine for yourself

Everyday I start my day by doing a 20 min workout and a yoga session. This is just to get my energy levels and adrenaline and happy hormones pumping. I learnt that I actually function so much better throughout the day when I have done this. I won’t lie, my muscles are crazy sore but it is worth it, because being active makes me feel really good. Then the rest of the day just falls into place.

  • Actually get out of your pyjamas

Trust me, this is 100% effective! I used to think and say things like “aggh, I am not going anywhere so why get dressed?” When I don’t change into day clothes, my brain just wants to sleep the whole day and I end up either staying in bed or becoming a couch potato which is not good for anyone. You don’t have to dress your best to impress, just do the bare minimum to not be caught in your PJs.

  • Do things that you don’t usually have time for

This could be doing some long awaited spring cleaning, I actually did do this in my room in my flat in Cape Town. I found that it was way overdue, and I don’t think I will ever leave things to get to that state ever again, but it happens, you know. I also really enjoy baking (although in a lot of cases I am still very much in the easy mix stage, I still love it) but my apartment does not have an oven, I would need to ask a friend to allow me to use his oven, but even then, I am either too broke or too busy (I choose the latter) to do what I enjoy. So while I am at home, I will be keeping myself busy with that and also I feel closer to my late granny and I hope to be able to bake a cake on her birthday, 1st April. She might not get to eat it, but if heaven exists and she is looking down on me, at least I can say she will be smiling. P.S. She was a phenomenal chef and baker. Alternatively what I heard on the news, work on that business plan/proposal that you never have time for.

  • Create

Create content whether it is through a blog, works of art (visual art, dance, music, videos etc.), challenges for people to join in, whatever comes to mind, just do it, like Nike! Then showcase to your friends, family, the world and let it be appreciated. I appreciate you already, just for trying.

  • Stay on top of your game

As a student, don’t forget to study and consistently keep your mind positively stimulated by reading for leisure and for academics, taking a free online course in whatever interests you that you can’t do at university or school. Eventually we have to get back into the game and pass this year, those courses/modules and be our best selves. So don’t slack behind in that aspect.

  • Reset, Relax, Reflect

Self-explanatory, right? But just in case … Take care of yourself, your mental wellness. Speak to people as much as you can Write a journal if things are too personal. Simply just breathe and take control in whatever way that you want to. It is not the easiest thing in the world but don’t lose who you are to this pandemic. Remember you are strong, phenomenal, brilliant and whatever happens, you will come out on top!

I hope this is able to help as many people as possible. Share with me or with others what works for you or what doesn’t. Let us continue to be there for one another as much as we possibly can. Let’s remain #Royalty


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