Corona Virus COVID19

This is as straightforward forward as it gets. It will be short and sweet.

In this epidemic that the entire world is experiencing, although it is safer to stay apart we shouldn’t stop supporting one another. This is quite serious and can be slightly scary. I’m not going to mention things like wash your hands or avoid mass gatherings, by now that is pretty much standard I trust that everyone will do their best.

What I will say is:

  • Don’t start seeing people as potential walking viruses, we are all human and prone to it.
  • Don’t isolate yourself to a point where you start feeling isolated from society and lonely, we will get through this and come back together again.
  • Lastly, take care of yourself then take care of others, it is pretty useless the other way around.

Stay safe, stay blessed, stay hygienic, stay #Royalty


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