The “month” of love

We are in February of the year 2020. It is slightly, sort of, special because this is a leap year. Yippee 🥳 We get an extra day of this year to do what we are unable to do when we don’t have this extra day! Exciting! (Sort of, depends on you and what you wish to do).

Anyways, I just want to talk about the month of February, and it being known as this so-called “Month of Love.” Valentine’s Day, for those who celebrate February 14th 😍 the pressure is on. Red, pink and white everywhere you go. Balloons, flowers, teddy bears, heart chocolates and the works. That’s what most expect for this one day of the year. Man, corporates and retailers milk our pockets so smoothly. Same as on days like mother’s/father’s/women’s day etc. These gifts are sweet though, so a lot of the time we don’t mind, because it is nice to have.

I only mind one thing. I mind when people use Feb as the only month to showcase love for one another, and then somehow forget about it for the rest of the year. Or only using Mother’s Day to appreciate moms when they are there for us 24/7, biological or not. I hope my point has been made.🧐 We don’t need days to show love and appreciation it should be any day. What if the love of your life doesn’t make it to Valentine’s Day, does that mean you never loved them?

Before you start thinking it.. No, nobody broke my heart on Valentine’s Day, my opinion has been the same without being heartbroken for as long as I can remember. I just strongly believe that as people we all lack effort and we seem to need the help of these designated days to put in that effort, I include myself and I am trying to positively change. Are you with me?

Love and show love every day. This does not mean extravagant gifts, it is in the simple every day acts and occasional, continuous spontaneity 😉😊. Appreciate and show appreciation every day. Do this before you start wishing you had when it is too late. Don’t live with regrets or “what ifs”.

Let any random day be a love and appreciation day. Let it be give and receive not either/or. Let’s be #Royalty P.S. you are allowed to love and appreciation yourself with pride.

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