Don’t stop until you catch them …

Dreams are sometimes good, sometimes scary, sometimes just plain confusing and sometimes what we hope for. It doesn’t matter what type of dream you have, at the end of the day we all have them. Sorry I don’t believe people that say they don’t dream. I will tell you why, hang in there.

So, I am not a brain expert or some dream analyst, sometimes I just read into this kind of stuff anyway because there is some interest that I have in the subject matter. What I have learnt so far is that, your dreams, at night or even during the day, are normally a series of images coming from your memories or things that you have experiences or currently experiencing. Your brain just has a way of putting it all together to look and present itself in a specific way to you. This is because while you are in your dream state, your mind is working on sorting itself out, sort of like a filing system; things to remember in that box, junk mail in the other box etc. I personally think it is cool, maybe I am happily a minor nerd for that, but that is okay. So, everyone goes through this, it is however quite unfortunate that not everybody remembers their dreams after waking up. Sometimes it is really not worth remembering, but it does not mean it did not happen. Maybe it did not end well, or you woke up too soon, or too many events that you cannot remember the order, even plain goldfish memory applies. 😉

Let me move on to what I really want to address, dreams that we are hopeful about. This does not require much sleep, just a vision, a plan and hope for a good future.

Up to this point in the year 2020, on various social media platforms, I have been seeing #2020Vision trending. Of course people who wear glasses don’t have it … JOKES, I do hope you get it though. Anyways, I think many people have goals to succeed this year. I mean, why wouldn’t they, it is a new decade, it is a leap year (366 days), it just feels right!!

I have been reflecting on all that has happened so far in my life and trying to see how has my past been put together to get me where I am today and what are the key driving forces that I need to sustain to get me to where I want to be. I think this is an important thing to do, especially at points in your life where you are beginning to forget and lose yourself and find yourself asking “What is the point?” I am very familiar with those days, they make me cry all the time. There are times where I am strong enough to pull myself together and other times I need help but such is life.

I do not know what your dream or 2020 vision is for your life this year or the next 10 years but I do hope that you are able to self reflect on the past and then find ways to keep pushing forward on whatever your dream(s) may be. I think that could be a great way to set your #2020Vision into motion, especially if you are not sure on where your starting point should be.

Thereafter, you should not stop until you have caught your dreams and they transform to reality. I hope while reading this, we are all relatively realistic, I am definitely not talking about flying and using your arms as wings, or dreaming that rainbow puppies are real. Just saying ;). What I mean is that, I hope all that you envision for 2020 onwards is attainable and will make you happy as well as proud of yourself.

I hope you won’t be too hard on yourself, and I will try to do the same with myself, difficult times come around but dust yourself off and try again.

I wish for you a prosperous 2020 and rest of your life!! May you catch all your dreams and transform them to reality. Share your stories with others so that they may be inspired.

Dream big like #Royalty.


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