The Green-eyed Monster in You

We’ve all heard of the green-eyed monster. When people bring that up they are referring to jealousy. Something that we all deal with at some point in our lives and it is never once-off, it is recurring. You either get better at dealing with it or you don’t. My point is, everyone has this monster living within them, that’s just a fact.

The not so great way

As mentioned above there are people that do not know how to deal with jealousy so well. You’d most probably see in movies the way they over exaggerate the jealous character. Normally this is someone who is psychotic and murderous, but also someone they know how go cover their tracks until the very end when they mess up. Maybe such people exist in the world, I mean the inspiration had to come from somewhere. I really hope this is nobody that I know.

I think in real life, the more realistic versions, or at least the day-to-day version we are likely to experience, would be people who really want what you have to the point of becoming nasty and rude. Maybe a friend you had but all of a sudden they are no longer your friend anymore, because they felt they couldn’t compare to you. Or maybe it is someone who is able to copy cat every single thing that you do and say and then denies everything. That kind of sucks! But people like that exist and we need to acknowledge that it is a possibility that you could be another person’s role model, you need to handle that with care.

Jealousy makes people do the craziest of things that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes that could end up being quite scary to know that your truest colour is green.

The better way

I think personally there is a good way to deal with being jealous, if that is an emotion that you are overcome with.

I read a quote somewhere, probably Twitter and/or Facebook and I am definitely paraphrasing:

If you like my make-up, I’ll teach you how to do it. If you like my clothes, I’ll tell you where to get them. If you like my success, I’ll offer you advice on how I did it. All you have to do is ask and I’ll help you.

Something like that. The moral of the message was that you don’t have to be unnecessarily jealous and spiteful towards others because of what they have and what you want; all you need to do is ask and we can help each other reach the level that we want to reach together.

I really hope I’m making sense here. Jealousy just means that you are probably upset that you don’t have what others have, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. Of course timing and situations are different for everyone, that’s where seeking help comes in and then some patience might be necessary because I truly believe we all get what we deserve at our own time.

I think this quote is relevant to this topic. And it applies to all people; queen to queen/king to king/queen to king etc.

So my final urge is to not let jealousy get in the way.

Be #Royalty and fix each other’s đź‘‘ and smile.


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