Writer’s block ๐Ÿ–‹

I’ve always said that I one day I want to write about having writer’s block. I really think that this is so weird because I’m writing about not being able to write. I guess now I just want to share my experiences with it and possibly give tips on how to get through it. I’m a writer, I live and breathe words. This makes sense for me to touch on this topic.

Just in case, let’s start with the definition from google

“The condition of being unable to write or to proceed with writing”

Calling it a ‘condition‘ sounds intense to me, like some sort of medical issue and ppossibly contagious. Obviously that is not the case at all!

For me it is when I feel as though so much in my life is happening; from an aacademic perspective, I probably have at least 2 essays and a few assignments to complete. From a leadership point of view, I probably have some report or email that I need to construct for masses of people on different levels. Lastly, there’s keeping up with this blog. I feel like I have to write so much on a daily basis. I tell my friends I have to always be thinking about words. How to construct them together to make sense out of what’s in my head, so difficult.

Sometimes I just freeze.
That’s literally it. So much to think about, yet nothing can be thought about. Confusing, I know. Stay with me. It is like having something to say but you tongue feels twisted and nothing can untwist it.

A lot of the time it can be due to stress. Life happens you know. It could simply also be fatigue. You just need a break from life. All of the above a perfectly normal, and it is perfectly okay. I will be honest though, in the moment it does not feel okay. Nobody likes to look at a blank page, holding a pen yet nothing can be produced from it. It sucks, period!


  • Breathe, take it slow and easy
  • Change your environment, new settings sometimes do the trick.
  • No pressure on yourself, inspiration will come when it’s ready.
  • Go out and have fun.
  • Let it come naturally.

That’s my Ted talk on writer’s block. How I deal with it and stuff๐Ÿ‘Œ

Happy #Royalty writing.


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