Foodie life …

I have been wanting to write about this part of my life for quite some time now… This is mostly because I think this is the delicious part of me and I would like to give you all a little bit of a taste. Yummy!


Look at that, look at that beauty!

Okay, I have this weird thing of taking a picture of all the nice things that I eat and drink because I really appreciate the beauty. Let’s be honest, chefs are artists. Whether in a 5 star restaurant or whatever, they are so passionate about what they do and forever produce what I see as MAGIC! So, that is essencially why whenever I am in a restaurant or anywhere really, just after the food arrives I make sure not to touch it until I have got the best snap #cheese.


My love of food began at a very young age. Long, long time ago, in a far away land, my grandmother’s food is where it all began. Interesting fact, she was also a chef in a hotel once in her working years. I really wonder “what went wrong with me?” That gene legit and deliberately skipped me. I can’t cook for shit! You know what, one day is one day, slowly but surely.
I have always loved to explore countries and cultures, which definitely includes their food. I won’t deny that sometimes it did not look pretty and I would just back away, but most times I would try to not overthink it and like Nike, Just Do It! (tick). So far I have had cuisines from home, South Africa, then also Zimbabwe, Greece, Asia (I mention a continent because I was in India eating various foods from around that continent), Germany and lastly, Ghana. Food is one of those tools that we as people use to bring each other together. What argument could a good meal not put to rest?


I believe in the idea of trying new and interesting things, because you never know what is out there and as the saying goes “don’t knock it, ’til you try it!” Trust me when I say I used to not like sushi, because it looked weird and I could never be sure if I could ever order the correct thing. So I just avoided it at all costs until someone more “professional/experienced” could suggest what is good. Now, it is just one of those meals that I cannot get over. Same with many other edibles. I remmeber going to a restaurant in Zim and as a starter they offered crocodile’s tail. “Wow! Oh my goodness, what does that taste like? Aren’t those huge?” That was my reaction and it turned out that was just two small circular slices that tasted like chicken – true story.


I once told myself that I could possibly be a food taster, without having experience of how to actually cook it for myself. I still today think that the judges of MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules and The Next Great Baker have the best careers in the world. Give people ingredients and they prepare meals for you all day, every day; is that not just amazing! I want to do that, but first I have to find my way around a kitchen first, eish. As I keep saying, “I will get there, eventually.”

I can tell ou lowkey why I do this outside of appreciation for the beauty of these delicacies. First of all, this is just a delicious hobby that I enjoy doing. It does not have to be the most expensive food, it just needs to taste and look lekker. Then secondly, and personally, I do not mind gaining weight because I actually want to more than anything (#whisper: I am unable to donate blood at this age, I am lowkey scared. I just gave away how much I weigh). Lastly, sometimes I like to pretend that I am a food model, you know those ones that advertise things like Ferrero Rocher or Magnum ice cream, that just looks sexy.


Horrible picture quality, but we’ll live. See my smile, who wouldn’t want me to advertise their food, Haha.

I think being a foodie is about not being afraid to taste, especially when your tastebuds might not understand at first, but, you never know, it might become your fave. People always say that there are certain tastes that are acquired, well such tastes need to be developed, I believe, therefore you can’t develop something without trying it. It goes hand in hand with something I was told recently, that is “you need to do it 3 times, they first two times will/might be horrible, but your 3rd time and onwards things become better.” A friend told me that, first we were talking about running then later we spoke about black label (it applied to both situations.)

I guess the moral of this is that, go out meet new people and ask them to introduce you to their favourite dishes/treats. You are killing many birds with a single stone: network, a meal, new experience, created memories – all of which can be good or bad, but you live life knowing, instead of thinking “what if?”

I’m always open and free to try a new meal with anyone who is willing. Let me know when and where. Let’s be delicious #Royalty👑

Bon Appetit!


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